The Strength Of The Le Boy Bags Included In Chanel’s Spring Pre-Collection

I’m not a Chanel person. I write about Chanel Replica a lot because a lot of handbag people are Chanel people, and because I respect the brand’s storied history in the market and the staggering breadth of its current output, but in my personal taste, the brand’s bags often skew too traditionally feminine to feel natural in my wardrobe.

That changed significantly when the brand debuted the Chanel Le Boy Bag a few years ago—it felt a little tougher and more modern than the Chanel’s other flap bags, with harder corners and a bolder chain. I wanted one immediately, and even put my name on a wait list for an amethyst velvet version at one of New York’s Chanel boutiques.

I never pulled the trigger, though—sometimes life gets in the way of bag-acquiring—and eventually, my wishlist moved elsewhere. That was years ago, but now, I find myself drawn to the Chanel Replica Handbags all over again because of the strength of the Le Boy Bags included in Chanel’s spring pre-collection and collection. They’re just so…pretty. And despite the fact that I’m not a person who commonly values traditional notions of feminine beauty in her wardrobe, I’m having a hard time resisting them.

This Boy Tote Hosts All The Proper Characteristics Of A Luxurious Workhorse

Classic leather accessories by French Couture brand Chanel replica uk are simply irresistible. For a limited time, you can find true treasures for a few bucks off retail. Up for grabs is this distressed leather beauty greet the Black Glazed Calfskin Boy Tote.

The Boy Tote is one of my favorite Chanel styles from their Classics collection has always been the Grand Shopping Tote, a true timeless tote. But then we run into these modern boxy variations that we can’t help but lust after them as well.

This Boy Tote hosts all the proper characteristics of a luxurious workhorse. Roomy enough to carry to a professional work setting (16”H x7”W x10”D dimensions) with the appropriate amount of elegance to wear to a casual setting. In my perfect world the Grand Shopping Tote would have a more discrete emblem up front, and if you take a look at this Boy Tote, aged silver hardware that doubles as a push lock closure presents a clean and modern couture look.

Another bold feature to note is related to its size, I find larger handbags appealing and its nice to see the bold variations Chanel replica has to offer versus their classic and compact accessories. An outstanding mixture of flat arm straps and a long leather-and-chain body strap are featured on this tote.